Arguing the Case

by James J. Gross

I used to argue like my son.  He knows he is right and you are wrong.  He won’t give up until he wins.

I hope he gets over it.  It took me plenty long enough.

I’ve told him about this poem from my childhood:

Convince a man against his will,

He’s of the same opinion still.

People think if they repeat something enough times or talk long enough, you will finally smack your palm against your forehead and say, “Oh, now I understand!”

What you miss when you do this are other ideas and ways of looking at things.  When you can hold your own point of view and respect and listen to another point of view, life is much richer and abundant.

Candy Crush Divorce

by James J. Gross

We have yet to hear of a divorce over Candy Crush, a popular video game in the U.S.  But a husband in Turkey has filed for divorce from his wife of 23 years claiming she is addicted to a game called rummikub, also known as Okey, via Facebook.

The husband, who demands 50,000 Turkish liras in compensation, says in his complaint, ““She talks with other players while playing the game on Facebook. She showed unfaithfulness. I was insulted.”

The wife denies his claims and states, “Playing rummikub is not an act of unfaithfulness.” She says she was humiliated by her husband and counter demands 100,000 Turkish liras for damages.

Who Won This Argument?

by James J. Gross

“Alice is mad at Wayne,” said my wife as we were driving to work together yesterday.

“Oh?  What did he do to make her mad?” I asked.  Alice and Wayne are friends of ours.

“He told her that it must be nice to go out with her friends for lunch while he works to pay for it all.”

“Was he serious or joking?” I said.

“Joking, but in a mean way.  He’s always making little digs at her like that.” my wife replied.

“Did he say it in front of her friends?”

“Yes.  She wrote him an email telling him how much it hurt her,” my wife responded.  “I told her to send him the article on how much it would cost to replace a stay at home mom with private services.”

“It sounds like what he is really trying to say is they need to sit down and work out a budget and agree on how their resources should be allocated,” I said in my most reasonable lawyer voice.  I was trying to find some middle ground to stand on.

“No!” said my wife.  “He calls it his money, but it is really their money.  She gave up a successful career for him.”

“Perhaps he is just using the wrong words to express himself,” I answered.  “What he means is he earns the money that belongs to both of them and he would like to share in the decision of how it is spent.”

“She doesn’t spend any money!” exclaimed my wife.

I told her, “But you just said she went out to lunch with her friends.  Maybe he would like that money  to go into their pension plan.”

‘Their pension plan is fully funded.  He makes lots of money and she spends very little of it,” my wife explained.

“Well, your view is that he’s the bad guy, but I see both sides of it.”

Readers, what do you think?


Read This Before Renovating Your Home

by James J. Gross

Who knew that you could risk divorce by renovating your home? It seems the stress of making design and decorating decisions in sync can lead to bickering and put strain on marriages. Difficulties in renovating their own home, led Adi Tatarko and her husband, Alon Cohen to start a design and decorating website called

“We started running surveys in the early days and got feedback from our community, and that was so prominent. And 12% did say, we did consider a divorce during that process,” said Tatarko, as reported by John Patrick Pullen.

She said it was easier running Houzz together than it was renovating their home together.

Women Are Happier with Less Attractive Husbands

by James J. Gross

A man should be taller, older, heavier, uglier, and hoarser than his wife.” ― E. W. Howe

Is your wife more attractive than you?  Don’t worry.  She’s probably happier that way.

A study by Florida State and Southern Methodist Unversities found that the wives with more attractive spouses felt pressure to obsess over their execise and diets.

Women with less attractive husbands, on the other hand, tested as happier and more appreciated.

Tabloid Calls Divorcing Princess a Gold Digger

by James J. Gross

Gold digger: a woman who becomes or tries to become romantically involved with a rich man in order to get money and gifts from him.  Merriam-Webster Dictionary.

A Belgium tabloid has called Princess Tessy of Luxembourg a gold digger after she filed for divorce from Prince Louis.  What do you think?

The couple met while they were serving in the army in Kosovo. They have been married for 11 years and have two children.  The Princess spent her time raising the children and working for charities in Britain on behalf of young women and teenage girls.

She filed for divorce on the basis of the Prince’s unreasonable behaviour.  Her attorney said she made a fair and sensible proposal for a settlement and it was rejected.  The terms of the proposal are restricted by the court.

The Princess lose the title of princess and royal highness once the divorce becomes final.  She also stands to lose the home in London, where she lived with Prince Louis and raised their children.